Full Circle Influence


Girl plays guitar, because she loves that song,
and she dreams one day, she’ll be someone,
She plays that song ten times a day,
Not caring what, her neighbours say,
Her idle sings on night tv,
Which is where she sees, her life to be,
Her inner drive amounts the pressure,
It heaps on burden – must do better,
She tries and tries , then finds herself,
a life of fame, and worthy wealth,
She plays her song on night tv,
And now she’s where, she’d longed to be,
but through this time, her idol sank,
he threw his fame, he scored, he drank,
He lost a lot along the way,
but now he’s strong and back to play,
He plans again to be someone,
and on his wireless, he hears a song,
The song it changes everything,
inspiring hope, and highs in him,
The song was written by a girl,
She lives her life, but she bares her soul…

She had changed what’s next because she took a deeper breath,
and he had learned that who he was can change.

Who we are can change.

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